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Sukia confirmed for Bloomfest 2012

Sukia are headlining the Bloom’s Stage at this year’s Bloomfest, located in the Downtown Arts District of LA.

Presented at 3rd Street and Traction Avenue in the Downtown Arts District, Bloomfest LA offers live indie music, local artisan wares, and good food amidst a rotating outdoor gallery of street art by renowned artists.

If you’re lucky enough to witness Sukia’s performance, please remember to record it!!



Sukia Kit List

There’s an interesting photo on the Sukia Myspace Page which details the Kit List that Sukia used when performing live. It’s interesting to see such a broad selection of instruments, for a band that sounded so lo-fi.

Sukia Kit List

Image Courtesy of the Sukia Myspace Page

So, the full set up included:

  • Twin Moog Prodigy’s
  • Arp AXXE
  • CPB2 Bass Pedals
  • Wurlitzer 200 Electric Piano
  • Multivox Electric Piano
  • Casiotone Sampler
  • Suzuki Laser Guitar
  • Ventura Hollow Body Electric
  • Maestro Tube Amp
  • Peavey Bass Cabinet
  • Peavey Keyboard Amp
  • Fender Chorus Amp
  • Univow Rhythm Buddy
  • Electro Harmonix Drum Pedal
  • Roland Space Echo re101
  • Yamaha Drum Pads
  • Congas, Bongos, Trumpet, Flute and various percussion.
  • Baldwin to Roland 760s Sampler

Gary Super Macho Mowax Promo CD

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Last week, I picked up a rare Promo CD of the single Gary Super Macho, released in the UK on the MoWax label, back in 1997. The CD itself is interesting, as it is partially transparent. The press release that came bundled with the CD is interesting because it details a string of UK dates (September 1997), for which Sukia performed as the supporting act for the Stereolab Dots And Loops tour.

The press release  reads as follows:


Warm up the condoms. But don’t dim the lights. Flash them! The salubrious Sukia are coming back with a strutting Dust Brothers reworking of the single “Gary Super Macho” released on the 29th September and a series of live UK Dates.

Sukia wrench their “Gary Super Macho” single fro Mo Wax’s barmiest album to date “Contacto Espacial Con El Tercer Sexo”. The Californian four piece, Sukia, named after a Lesbian Vampire now introduce you to her well endowed gay manservant “Gary Super Macho” and a hugely endowed single this is. Giving us more sexy Spanish trashy comic madness that alters your mood with each twist and turn. Stretching the boundaries of bizzare, Beck’s favourite band Sukia, take you on a rollercoaster ride of moogs, samples and warped thrash guitar.

Go bonkers with the Dust Brothers remix which whips the original into The Goodies meets B-52’s for a music lesson on some distant planet, followed by the laid back dirtied up Sanchez mix and then let the stroke of the calmer version by the Japanese Major Force West wash over you. “Gary Super Macho” arrives in 12″ or CD for your own particular preference.

Sukia also return to the UK with their highly unique and uniquely improvised live show – expect dressing down (to naked) and playing up to the max – Sukia are an experience, a world unto their own. So get down and ready to “Body Rock” at the following venues……….

SUKIA LIVE DATES (With Stereolab)

25th September – Cockpit – Leeds
26th September – MDH, Manchester
27th September – Marcus Garvey – Nottingham
28th September – Garage – Glasgow
29th September – Riverside – Newcastle
2nd October – Wedgewood – Portsmouth
3rd October – Alleycat – Reading
4th October – Shepherds Bush, London

For more information contact promotions on 0171-705-4205 or 705 4287. 

The press release mentions the Major Force West remix, but the CD contains the Dust Brothers remix, and the Dirty Sanchez mix. You can read more about the single on this page.

Discogs Entry for Promo CD

Sukia collaboration with Plastilina Mosh

In 1998, Sukia collaborated with Plastilina Mosh on the title track from the album Aquamosh. It’s a pretty perfect slice of lounge, containing a distinctive hint of Sukia.

This is the biog. of Plastilina Mosh, taken from their YouTube channel:

The fertile Angeleno independent hip-hop scene, populated by the likes of Beck and Sukia, was crashed in 1998 by the two Mexicans from Monterey who record as Plastilina Mosh. Programmer Alejandro Rosso and vocalist/guitarist Jonaz, who have also been compared to the Beastie Boys, debuted to the American public at the South by Southwest music conference in Austin, TX, and caught the eye of Beck, who financed a session through his Bong Load label with producer Tom Rothrock (who had previously recorded “Loser” with Beck).

Signed to Capitol, Plastilina Mosh began recording their debut full-length with the additional help of Angeleno hip-hop collective Sukia plus Café Tacuba’s Anónimo on guest vocals. Aquamosh was released in June 1998 and Juan Manuel followed two years later on Astralwerks.

Next jumping to EMI, the duo issued Hola Chicuelos in July 2003, and Plastilina Mosh played a spot at 2004’s South by Southwest festival. Tasty + B Sides appeared in April 2006, complete with an accompanying DVD of the group’s music videos and other bonus features. After a performance at the first South Padre Music Festival, Plastilina Mosh released All U Need Is Mosh in 2008.

http://www.discogs.com/artist/Plastilina+Mosh – Plastilina Mosh discography
http://plastilinamosh.wordpress.com/ – The official website of Plastilina Mosh
http://www.youtube.com/artist/Plastilina_Mosh?feature=watch_video_title –  Plastilina Mosh YouTube channel

Supporting Beck at Celebrity Ballroom Phoenix – Review

During Beck’s 1997 Odelay tour, Sukia were chosen as one of the supporting acts. I have found a brief description of Sukia’s performance at the Celebrity Ballroom, Phoenix, during a show performed in February 1997.

The opening band, Sukia, an ambient/techno ensemble, could be fairly well described from a musical standpoint as Kraftwerk minus the Weltschmerz. The name suggests something vaguely Japanese, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sukia is about as Japanese as the Bordoms are boring, and matching outfits with black Stetsons and dragster flame-motif cowboy shirts only added to the vaguely Jackson 5 flavor, in some respects making Sukia the perfect precursor to Beck’s set.

Source:  Tucson Weekly
Date Of Article: 27th February 1997

Hey Hullaballoo Sukia Article

This article comes from an archived Geocities website named Hey Hullabaloo! The date of the article is unknown, but I’m guessing that it would be from around 1997.


Lately it seems that most bands play by the book: drums, bass, guitar, and a whole lot of harmonies. But Sukia. Oh they definitely groove by the beat of a different drum. Their sound is a visual, esoteric trip into an exotic and erotic landscape. An eden where the future seems to waft into the present through sci-fi orchestrations. Trust me. You’ll love it.

This wacky Camarillo-based outfit (Ross Harris, Sasha Fuentes, Craig Borrell, Grace Marks) adopted their name from an incredibly off-kilter Columbian comic book that focuses itself on a lesbian vampire, Sukia, and her gay slave/sidekick Gary. But, as Ross explains, the band not only borrowed the name from those crazy comic book creators, but also borrowed their ingenuity and inventiveness. In fact, they took upon the project of creating a soundtrack for the book. “We were just inspired that there are these insane guys in Colombia making these extremely twisted, violent comic books. That made us think, ‘Well, the possibilities are open for people to come out of nowhere with something.’ And that’s what we tried to do.

“It seems to us that they’re flagrantly flaunting the whole idea of stealing images and ideas, but grafting them onto some amazing artwork. And we try to do the same thing–as much as we can get away with.”

Sukia’s debut lp, “Contacto Espacial con el Tercer Sexo” is a fantastic mishmash of Martin Denny-enhanced soundtracks, new wave sans the towering hair, and kitsched-out lounge cocktails–shaken, not stirred. It’s a record so far out in left field, it leaves one to often wonder what makes up the wild soundscapes of Sukia. “It’s probably split into two things: the music end of it, as far as music that I enjoy and am inspired by like 70s futuristic action soundtracks like Rollerball and Logan’s Run, experimental Moog music, and Indian classical music. The other thing that inspired us is the whole idea of going out and putting on this whole show. And whether people respond positively or whether people are disgusted by it, it’s both a reaction that people can take home with them.”

Well, two people who responded overwhelmingly to the eccentrics of Sukia are The Dust Brothers, who co-produced the album and released it on their own label, NickelBag–three years after the initial recording commenced. What took so long? “We got hooked up with The Dust Brothers and they decided they wanted to put it out, but they wanted to record two more songs…[which] took three or four months because they were doing Beck’s album…Then we finished those [tracks] and went six or seven months just trying to get it out.

“We were the first album on their label, so all the learning experiences and growing pains of actually putting any record out at all the first time. We kind of were the experiment for them and that took some time.”

But all ended well, everyone’s happy, and the band are currently working on their follow-up, recording it with their newly expanded outlets. “I’m really into instrumental soundtrack music and I think I was trying to do that before, but the only means I had to do it was – I had some organs that I got from the thrift store that had bass and drum machines in it, Sasha had one synthesiser, and we had one horn and one guitar.

“I was pleased with it, but I wasn’t really doing the full range of music that I wanted to do…We’re kind of mixing it now. We go back to the old organs and stuff like that.”

So, who knows what ground Sukia will cover next, what unchartered territory they’ll explore. We can only wait and see. And yes, I’m sure you’ve heard this before, this is the Ross Harris, child star, and Airplane! actor. But how did he end up making aural fantasies instead of gunning down banks ala Todd Bridges?

“I had my own deal, I just never got caught by the police. We all go off the bend I guess.”

And Sukia is vivid proof of that too.

Source: Archived Geocities Page
Date Of Article: Unknown

Sukia Zoooom

Sukia recorded a particularly wacky song named Zoooom! for the compilation Pop Romantique, released in 1999 on the Emperor Norton label.

The playing on this track, both in terms of bass and drums, is a lot tighter than anything from their album.